CPFC is a creative studio specializing in photography and wardrobe styling comprised of Charlotte Patterson and Frankie Carino. In 2016, we combined our joint knowledge of these fields to deliver a range of streamlined services under one aesthetic. We cater our work to meet the specific needs of each client. That can range from photography and motion, photography and styling, or full service creative and production. Our studio is capable of delivering a wide range of professional assets with a small footprint and a consolidated creative vision. We give each project our all; whether that’s ice climbing in cashmere, sand boarding with ceramic bongs, or crowd surfing over a live show. We aim to work with brands that we believe in and speak to a colorful, active and expressive lifestyle. Recent clients include Nike, Puma and The Elder Statesman.

The Elder Statesman
Garrett Leight
Jo Malone
KKW Beauty
Med Men
Moda Operandi
The Flamingo Estate
Renko Floral
Sanchez Kane
Sandy Liang
s.k. manor hill
Summerland Ceramics
The Los Angeles Times
The New York Times
Urban Outfitters
W Magazine




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